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What is GRC & How Revotips Can Help You

GRC—Governance, Risk, and Compliance—is one of the most important elements any organization must put in place especially in the age of digital business. Think of GRC as a structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements. The rise in cyber-attacks, which expose personal data, as well as growing awareness by individuals and civil rights organizations have shed new light into how companies manage information and technology and how digital business manage data. At Revotips we transfer our expertise in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology and work with organizations in all phases of their GRC digital transformation journey. We help clients with GRC advisory and design, tool evaluation and selection, and implementation and optimization services. We help you design and implement the right technology with confidence and provide you with the capability to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty & acting with integrity.
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How We Tackle Each Component

How We Tackle Each Component

Governance are the means by which your organization is directed and controlled. With Revotips GRC services, we emphasis on the necessity of governance for setting direction through strategy and policy, monitoring performance and controls, and evaluating outcomes.


We evaluate any possible event that could cause harm or make it more difficult to achieve your objectives. With Revotips GRC services we ensure that your organization identifies, analyses, and controls risk that can derail the achievement of strategic and operational objectives.


We ensure that standards and the set of guidelines is followed, or that proper, consistent accounting or other practices are being employed. With Revotips GRC services, we ensure that your organization takes measures and implements controls to assure that compliance requirements are met consistently.
Added Value

Added value of GRC services

An integrated approach to GRC, supported by consistent development and a sustainable technology platform that enables data integration, can help you:

• Equip leadership with the data and insights needed to make informed, risk-based decisions that align with organizational objectives
• Unlock powerful data-sharing and automation that reduces duplication and breaks down silos
• Create a centralized hub for task management, data and documentation, assessment, and reporting

What Are Your Benefits of GRC Services?

mproved strategic decision-making
Improved Cross-Functional Communication
Elimination of data silos
Reduced fragmentation among divisions
and departments
Greater Agility and confidence
Sustained and reliable performance
Delivery of value
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