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Smart Email Protection Alert
SEPA Is An Add-On Developed By Revotips

SEPA Analyses Email Headers To Determine Whether The Sender Of An Email Is Compromised


Why Sepa
SEPA (Smart Email Protection Alert) was developed after getting many complaints from our clients located in Lebanon, Kuwait and GCC region that were subject to email attacks that caused them losing big amounts of money by initiating wired transfer to hackers.

SEPA helps users by making theirs emails more transparent and reduce the human element by alerting them whenever there was any suspicious emails.

How Does It Work?

SEPA accomplishes this by using a variety of techniques including:
IP Address reputation checks.
DKIM validation (Domainkeys Identified Mail).
DMARC verification (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance).
Reply-To and Return-Path header conformation.
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Important Facts About SEPA

It is an Add-On that works if you check your email from Browser, Microsoft Outlook, or Mobile.
It does not conflict with any other email protection systems like Spam Filter.
It will NOT Block or Stop any Email.
SEPA alerts end-users about potentially harmful or bad emails.
SEPA only analyses email headers, email contents are never accessed.
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SEPA Will Show You If
The Email Is Safe

Sepa Yellow

Validate DKIM

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SEPA Can Identify
Email Spoofing

Constantly Updated

Revotips research team constantly monitors the evolution of phishing tactics and implements rules to catch the latest email spoofing techniques.
All updates are implemented seamlessly so that you will always be using the latest version of SEPA
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