Web Design & Development

web-design-and-programingWe are proud to do what it takes to bring your vision to life. We have satisfied clients in various website programming project categories – if it requires programming, we’re ready to assist!

At RevoTips, our software engineers will custom-develop your business tool to your business-specific model. Custom web programming can be a time consuming process, but even so, every project should be perfectly organized each step of the way.

To speed up the programming process and eliminate every friction point possible, we clarify each and every detail of your project before starting. After receiving your initial project specifications, we design several documents that explain the entire software model.

In order to provide your company with perfect functionality, each project is developed from scratch with the utmost level of care. We will never use outside software, unless it is clear that existing software will work better (or if you request it). Through our programming, we form flexible building blocks to satisfy your exact vision and still keep a modular design to enable future upgrades and modifications.

We program for your Satisfaction

As we make progress on your project, we’ll keep you clearly informed through our advanced project management system. From the initial proposal, to the final delivery and implementation, we guarantee that you will feel completely confident with every part of your web development project.

We take pride in the expertise of our staff and in their ability to surmount even the most difficult and complex web development challenges.

Covering both graphical design and programming.
Introduction to the Web, HTTP, and HTML/XHTML.
Website creation process.
Information design and architecture.
Fonts, visual grids and page layout.
Colors and graphics.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Client-side scripting: JavaScript.
Graphics and site production.
Document Object Model and DHTML.
Audio and video for the Web.
Server-side programming: CGI and Perl.