REVOTIPS is committed towards continual improvement in all the areas of its organizational entity.

We believe that continual improvement in our management system ensures us a clear and smooth workflow, documentation, as well as efficient and factual approach to decision making in addition to the adequate practicing of the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling cycle.

We also believe that continual improvement and upgrade in our organizational culture and organizational behavior, is our insurance policy in a globalized world, in the ever ending fluctuated markets, and in an unstable and uncertain environment.

We strive to develop a set of tactical and strategic competencies to meet permanently our customers’ needs and demands. Customer satisfaction is main motive for all our departments, sections, representatives and staff. We believe that Achieving customer satisfaction is the key to competitiveness and growth.

Through adequate planning, and frequent measurement we ensure the wellbeing of our process approach to management, and through participative management we ensure that the involvement of our people is continuous and fruitful, and last but not least, we do believe that a wise leadership and command is the main source of business endurance and sustainability.

We maintain our system through permanent internal audits and management reviews, in addition to quality objectives, and a clear and identifiable documentation, that ensures traceability, and accountability.

We strive to communicate the quality culture to all our stakeholders, so that we can always be not only a provider of services and goods, but a source of inspiration and admiration.
The pillars of our organizational culture are:

– The vision
– The planning
– The behavior

We strongly believe that our Human Resource is our only agent of change. Therefore, we always seek to hire and retain a competitive task force that is strongly committed to the mission and values of the company.

‘’Competitiveness breeds innovation’’