Professional IT Consultancy

Our wide scope of expertise allows us to help miscellaneous types of businesses in any given niche…

Our consultants will provide advice based on analysis and research, conducted to suit the client’s needs and to the client’s instructions. For example, we may provide assistance to achieve an outcome of implementing a financial software package using criteria, such as, suitability, client base, support structure…

Assignments of this nature involve reviewing company forms and documents, as well as detailed discussions and interviews of key staff members. This may be followed by the development of a Request for Tender document that details the client’s requirement. The processes of proposal assessment, selection and implementation then follow.

The scope of activities within our service category is:

• General Advice

Often our clients ask for informal opinions on the benefit, or otherwise, of hardware or software acquisition and implementation. This is usually in the very early stages when the client is first confronted with a change in business circumstances. If advice is provided, it is always provided on the basis that the advice is subject to correction later.

This is formal advice provided to clients based on research and a determination of what is in the client’s best interests.

• Project Management

When the client has accepted our recommendations, we can then assist the client with respect to reaching the required outcome contained in the recommendations. This would usually involve ordering IT hardware and software, installation and configuration, training, and implementation planning and management.

• Infrastructure Planning

The design of network topologies that will suit the clients needs. The selection of all network components, including workstation hardware and operating system software, which will meet the client’s needs.

What do we class as an IT emergency?