networkingRevoTips have designed and implemented numerous office networks for our customers. From initial network design to cabling, termination and network testing we provide a full service offering for your networking requirements. We can specify, supply, install and support the necessary network equipment including managed or unmanaged switches, broadband ADSL equipment including secure firewalls with Unified Threat Management, VPN support for mobile workers and site-to-site VPN (WAN) connections.

We have unrivalled experience in implementing multi-site WAN installations connecting offices in one location to offices in another location via permanent links over broadband. We have customers with multiple mobile sales staff that connect to the corporate network as and when required as well as getting their email on the move. Our engineers understand broadband and how it works in detail. We have direct access to advanced support technicians at BT bypassing the normal call centre staff to provide unrivalled support for customer broadband problems. We can provide Broadband solutions to double triple or even quadruple the speed of your current broadband connection.

If you are implementing a new network, large or small we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best most flexible solution that meets your requirements and fits your budget.