Training Objective

To get a better understanding of different social media platforms, know how to create content (Text, Images, and Video) and to know how to create a full online presence on the web (Good website and good presence over various social media platforms. Moreover, the course will let the audience learn how to create a digital marketing strategy in addition to know the importance of SEO, SEM, and email marketing


The world is now online. It is all about reaching out to them. As social media, mobile apps, and online marketing channels open a new way to connect with customers, the requirement for digital marketing expertise is increasing. Digital channels and social media have become the most essential of all modern marketing tools.

At present, all the functions in business involve digital platforms. That’s why every individual demands the basic knowledge & techniques which are being used commonly in digital marketing. It is one of the most economical and beneficial skills you can acquire nowadays. This Digital Marketing course has been designed to meet the expanding needs of Marketers who are skilled in the utilization of a unique blend of technology using search engine tools & social media channels.


As the name suggests, digital marketing can be termed as an approach, a strategy, or a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms. Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand, product, or service online. Digital Marketing includes many channels namely SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click, and Affiliate Marketing.

Digital Marketing course outline

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

•Planning Digital Marketing Campaign

•Website Planning and Development

•Essentials of a website

Google Analytics:

Fundamentals of Google analytics

•Monitoring bounce rate

­•Tracking conversions

•Monitoring Traffic Source Performance

•Monitoring Visitor behavior

•Setting up Dashboards

Search Engine Optimization:

•Tools to find keywords (paid & free)

•Keyword research

•SEO Strategy

•Planning SEO of a website

•On Page Optimization

•Off Page Optimization

•Google Search Console

•Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing:

•Online advertising & Ad Networks

•Introduction to Google AdWords

•Keyword Research

•Creation of Search Campaigns

•Writing Compelling Ad Copies

•Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad groups

•Display Campaigns

•Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising

•Optimizing Ad Performance

•Strategy of allocate funds to various online advertisingplatforms

Strategy for Social Media:

•Defining the communication strategy

•Setting up brand presence

•Social Media Monitoring & Listening

•Engaging with followers

•Facebook Marketing






•Understanding Social Media ROI

Influencers Marketing:

• What is influencers Marketing?

• How to identify your Influencers?

• Advantages Vs Disadvantages?

• Case studies on Influencers Marketing

• Influencers Marketing Tools

Brief on the Course Content:


Digital Marketing has grown rapidly in the past few years as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of a good online presence. Any effective marketing campaign will include them in its strategy. Let’s understand the different verticals in detail.


It’s a very useful and important process of digital marketing courses. This involves optimizing your website to provide the best content and user experience. The website will have to be optimized by different SEO techniques like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, back-linking, content optimization, etc. The main focus of this process is to get more traffic to your website – for Free.


Social Media Marketing involves increasing awareness of your product or service through social networks. Blog posting, group posting, page creation, engagement with people in different social media platforms are the key responsibilities of SMO techniques. Apart from this, you will also run how to run ads and target people on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


As the name suggests, this process involves paying for getting relevant clicks to your website. It’s a process of advertising your product or service on various search engines. The biggest focus will be on Google AdWords. There are two types of ads that are covered – Search and Display. Learn about targeting methods and optimization techniques.


One of the most fruitful marketing techniques of digital marketing course is said to be Email marketing. It is a crucial part of your overall digital marketing strategy and business plan. It helps you get the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals – No matter how big or small your company is.


The most beneficial aspect of Digital Marketing is Analytics. Being able to measure what you are doing is the best way to move forward. Google Analytics is a free web analytic tool offered by Google which tracks and reports website traffic. Knowing behavior of audience, customer’s demography and what they want is a vital success factor for any website and all these comes under Google Analytics. Some important features of google analytics includes Segmentation, Setting up goals and Source-wise performance analysis.


Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on creating, updating, and summarizing content for your target audience online to attract new visitors and keeping the old users engaged. The most common components of content marketing techniques are writing new thoughts on social media networks, blogs, and web pages. You will be liable for analyzing and executing on opportunities to improve your website’s content for better ranking in search engines for the targeted keywords.