LinkedIn Shows You Who Visits Your Profile adding personalized tips for how users can generate more profile views

LinkedIn updated the “who’s viewed your profile” section of its platform on Monday, adding personalized tips for how users can generate more profile views.

The new layout includes more detailed analytics about which LinkedIn members visit your profile page. Now users will be able to see which industries their viewers work in, and whether or not those who view their profile share the same job title.

For example, if a dozen people with the title “recruiter” view your page, LinkedIn will now break out that data. Before, users could only see how often their profile was viewed, and a list of some of the most recent members who had checked out their page.

In addition to the new analytics tools, users will also see tips on how to ensure their profile receives more views. LinkedIn will provide suggestions based on how members from the same industry generated more page views. A suggestion could be as simple as adding a certain skill to your profile or joining a particular group.


LinkedIn’s new “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section offers personalized tips on how to generate more profile views from fellow members.


One simple way to achieve more views is to add a profile photo. Members with a profile photo receive five times as many page views on average than those with no profile photo, according to the company’s blog post.

Users who pay for LinkedIn Premium were already receiving some of this information, like which industry or company was tops among those viewing their profile, but the new version appears to offer more in-depth data. Last week, LinkedIn finally added a block feature to the platform, enabling users to block or report other members they don’t wish to connect with.

The new “who’s viewed your profile” section will start rolling out to English users starting Monday with more languages to follow, according to a blog post.