IT & Online Security


Enterprises face challenges in securing their sensitive data and maintaining regulatory compliance while minimizing risk, complexity and controlling costs. RevoTips delivers flexible solutions to meet today’s stringent data security requirements across industries, regulations and throughout the distributed enterprise applications and technology in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

RevoTips can help in case you need to upload or download files or secure the files before transfer over unsecured channels, and to send secure e-mails or even access remote file systems.

At RevoTips, we also offer a way of securing your VOIP calls with unbreakable encryption. This product offers end-to-end encryption, so as long as both you and the party at the other end are using the same protocol, your call will be fully encrypted and cannot be subject to any kind of wiretap.

When used in combination with our secure VPN connection, your call is double encrypted since the VPN encrypts all traffic by default.

Today you can get secure VOIP technology that offers the best of all worlds: high-grade encryption, excellent audio quality, and free or very low cost calls.
Secure VOIP technology is delivered as part of the standard configuration on our secure laptops. If you would like recommendations on the purchase and installation of VOIP hardware, as well as secure VOIP termination services then please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

We can also advise on secure mobile VOIP solutions, for example VOIP over Wi-Fi or 3G handsets.