Graphic Design & Conceptual Development

graphic-designGraphic Design and Visual Communications is everywhere! A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. In fact, visual messages are universal and the oldest form of communication. From cave paintings of early man to fine art from throughout the ages, humans have always used visual communications as a way to stimulate emotion and tell a story and sell products.
In this digital age, graphic images have not only become a way to stir emotion, but to stir spending, to influence buying habits, and to tell your most important story — the story of your product, your service, and your business.

From a giant digital billboard to a small classified advertisement that features a business logo, graphic design is a part of our everyday lives. That is why having an ongoing graphic design strategy is essential to the success of your business.

At RevoTips, we specialize in ongoing graphic design programs that can help create and foster the “identity” of your business or organization, through the power of visual communications. From logos to print materials, signage, brochures, web designs, and packaging, to print advertisements, exhibits, presentation materials, and web ad campaigns, we can help you rise above your competition.

Whether your existing graphic design program needs some tweaking, needs a new identity to be built from scratch, or needs a one-shot advertisement for any medium, the experts at RevoTips can help.
Best of all, initiating an ad campaign with the help of the friendly, professional staff at RevoTips, is easy and cost-effective.

Corporate Identity Creation

Who are you as a brand? What are your company core values and features? These are some of the questions answered by the corporate identity creation process. Identity is defined as whatever that makes an entity definable and recognizable, different from others as it has a set of qualities and characteristics that make it special, singular. In other words it is who you are as a company or brand. The corporate identity creation achieves this concept and communicates your brand’s message.

It can be defined as the way to emphasize all the elements which shape the character that make one company different from others and figure that unique characteristics by developing a whole marketing plan. For most of the companies the recall in their customers’ mind is a very important thing. So the communication to achieve this must be clear and direct. The corporate identity creation is about finding the core values and defining them for the company and for others. So after this process, the questions that we asked at the beginning will be answered. And once you know your personality and your persona, the rest of the way, which is communicating it to the others, is so much easy and rich.

In RevoTips, we work on corporate identity creation; we focus on good branding and image for companies, helping to facilitate the attainment of business objectives.
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