Facebook prevents motivated users to impress pages

In addition to the launch of Graph API 2.1 this week, Facebook also announced two important changes to the policy platform under Bundy Games and appropriate use.

This Facebook developers have been awarded a deadline of 90 days (until November 5, 2014) to comply with the new rules – which came as follows: Games that include mandatory fees or optional in the application, must be exposed now in the description of the application, whether on Facebook or other platforms that are supported. And this would give users a clear indication that the game could make him pay some money while playing.

The second change it states not to motivate people to use social or additions admiration page (Like a Page). The motivation here includes the provision of rewards and prizes, or gating applications, or connect to show admiration person application content on the page. As shall be acceptable to motivate people to log on to your application, or log in place, or to engage in display on a page of your application. She said Facebook it to ensure the quality of the connection and to assist companies in reaching the people who care for them, the Facebook want to record people’s admiration of the pages they want to communicate with these companies and find out its news, not because of artificial incentives – and therefore this is in the interest of people and advertisers alike.

For update first, then it is very simple. If you are the developer of the game, you must add the appropriate warning for your application. However, if your application does not contain any fees, it you do not have to do anything.

The second change, it is much more exciting. Where it is clear that Facebook excels again on those people who are trying to manipulate Bjuzmyatha.

Thus if you have a page on Facebook does not grow naturally, it means that you give batches of artificial growth – therefore you should re-evaluate your strategy to add private users.