Course Description

The course will be taught around a set of established engineering, economic and management processes and practices to ll a gap in planning for improved cybersecurity within organizations. Attendees will understand the role of management and leadership in mitigating threats and achieving organizational goals in information protection. The course will provide an overview of audit, compliance, and regulation, and how cyber can affect the legal responsibility and liability for the business. It will demonstrate how to construct effective continuity and disaster recovery plans, as well as exploring the acquisition and procurement of technology with security in mind. Attendees will understand the economic factors surrounding cybersecurity, as well as how to build effective teams and lead in contested cyber environments.

Course Objectives

Topics explored by the attendees upon completion of the course include:

  • Managing information technology systems and cyber risks
  • The practical challenges facing executives of business organizations
  • Costs and tradeoffs that involved in all security and privacy decisions
  • Operational skills and strategic planning in day-to-day decision making
  • Globally-accepted security best practices and heuristics