Course Description

This course covers a variety of cybersecurity law and policy issues. Topics range from private sector information sharing and critical infrastructure protection to cybercrime, internet governance, and international law as it might apply in a cyber conflict. How can we address problems of network and computer insecurity effectively across organizational, national, and international boundaries while upholding civil liberties and other fundamental values? The course serves as a case study in how governance structures affect cybersecurity decision making. Attendees will participate in scenarios in which they will consider cybersecurity policy issues from a variety of perspectives. From the corporate boardroom to the White House Situation Room, attendees will learn to bridge the law, policy, and technology divide.

Course Objectives

Topics explored by the attendees upon completion of the course include

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Private sector information sharing
  • Cyber crime
  • Internet governance
  • International law in relation to cyber con ict
  • Differences between law and ethics.
  • The necessity to develop, implement, and maintain effective policy and the consequences for the failure to do so