The Cyber Security Operations and Leadership program consists of mul-tiple courses focusing on the cyber security leadership skills, law and policy, compliance, governance, intelligence, incident response, and management. Courses are designed in an immersive manner, giving attendees a real-world exposure to the intricate details of cybersecurity. As such, attendees are not only trained on the theory, but as well as on how to turn that theory into practice to develop the needed skills to be truly effective in the eld.

In this program, attendees:

  1. Broaden their understanding of cybersecurity and privacy through com-prehensive consideration of technology and policy, including economic, human, legal, organizational, and socio-political factors
  • Address privacy and personal data protection concerns
  • Discuss issues such as cyber intelligence and internet governance
  • Develop a principled, forward-looking framework to protect organiza-tions against cyber threats
  • Understand the security and privacy implications of emerging technolo-gies, such as big data, cloud computing, mobile computing, social net-works, and the internet of things
  • Gain pro ciency in identifying vulnerabilities, anticipating attacks, us-ing monitoring tools, and developing defensive strategies
  • Build organizational resilience, and crisis management and response ca-pabilities
  • Develop a viable, actionable solution to an individual, work-related crit-ical challenge
  • Experience hands-on demonstrations of cyber vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses for a concrete and direct understanding of the technologi-cal, human, and policy challenges in this eld

The intensity and depth of courses outlined hereafter are adapted to the technical expertise of the attendees, as well as the duration of the sessions. A 3-course per week formula is recommended; however, one-day workshops and intensive focus sessions can also be achieved.