Course Description

This course will present and discuss how information superiority and information dominance is key to influencing operations associated with establishing and maintaining cybersecurity. Topics include an overview of current and historical intelligence efforts and how those processes in various domains (human, electronic, digital) apply to cyber operations and security. The course specifically includes the exploitation of big data and multi-format in-formation collections (text, video, structured/unstructured) to support cyber situation awareness. It will feature discussions of modern versus classic data collection methods and Intelligence examples from current events.

Course Objectives

The attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the:

  1. Collection, analysis, and dissemination of security information including but not limited to threats and adversary capabilities.
  • Tools and techniques used in data collection and aggregation, data mining, data analytics, and statistical analysis.
  • Understand teh sources for security intelligence, including SIEM for internal data, and public and private intelligence services for external data.
  • Identify intelligence events and the implications of \big data” as relating to current geopolitical and social events.