What identifies a Cybersecurity Leader - Roland Abi Najem - CEO of Revotips

What identifies a Cybersecurity Leader in 2022?

A common misperception in Cybersecurity is that the Cybersecurity Leader should be a Hacker or a pure technical person!In the latest report by Gartner, under the title of “Reframe the role of the Cybersecurity Leader,” was that Leadership Misconception is that “The CISO “Chief Information Security Officer” prevents breaches. They highlighted that we should Reframe this to:” A leader Facilitates…

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Experts weigh in on Facebook rebranding to Meta

Facebook has a long history of criticism about users' privacy the content it viewsToday's scandals differ from past instances in the papers leaked from within the corporation Experts do not seem surprised by the fact that Facebook has changed its name to Meta, which will encompass all the company’s apps and technologies. After all, Facebook is facing widespread scrutiny for…

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After Facebook stopped 6 hours.. Panic in Lebanon and fears in the world

It’s September 11 again in the digital world, a catastrophe that struck and shaken one of its strongest pillars. The world is stunned, terrified and can’t believe what is happening. Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram have been suspended for more than six hours, piling up financial losses and leaving the world’s communication pioneers floundering in complete darkness. The reasons for…

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There is NO Solution for Cyber Security… It is a Continuous Process!

Companies, Banks, Governments, NGOs, etc. keep on asking the same questions: What is the best solution for Cyber Security? The best Hardware? The best Software? What is the best company in Cyber Security? Is there any Plug & Play Solution? Can we have a Zero-Day Attack Solution? The simple answer to the above questions is NO! We must change our…

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The Easiest Way to Understand Blockchain & Cryptocurrency!

In our guess everyone has heard about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. as well as some other related terms like Digital Wallet, Ledger and Bitcoin Mining. At first, things may look rather messy and overwhelming, so let’s try to simplify it and link these concepts to our real word. To begin with, the concept of cryptocurrency was born as a…

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WhatsApp bug; the two-step verification system challenged

It seems that the two-factor authentications system is not a reliable method that will prevent hackers to sweep into users’ conversations. Recently, Roland Abi Najem, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Consultant, found a bug in the WhatsApp two-step verification code system. On July 18, 2020, someone attempted to hack Abi Najem’s WhatsApp account. On July 21, the Cybersecurity expert wrote a post on…

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