5 iPhone Cases For The Apocalypse

Let’s face it, if Mayan predictions are true we better start thinking about the end of the world. Which is to say we need to start thinking about protecting our tech and adapting it to the post-apocalyptic world we’ll be living in.

Sure, you could spend $24,000 on an apocalypse kit, but the most vital connection to survivors will be yoursmartphone.
Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s in its first opening weekend, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see many floating around after the lights go out on Earth. Take a look to find five iPhone 5 cases that’ll help you make the transition to dystopia smoother.

1. Hitcase Pro
Coming in mid-December, the Hitcase can withstand everything other than a .50 cal. With a wide-angle attachment lens, you can film the end of the world while being sure that even if you don't, your iPhone will remain intact.

2. Lifeproof
Rather be underwater than on land for the world's destruction? It may not prevent you from being swallowed by any number of sharks or amphibious attackers, but with Lifeproof — the case withstands immersion in water to a depth of 6.6 feet for 30 minutes — you'll at least be able to hide from zombies.

3. Readycase
This case has everything: USB drive (8GB or 16GB), headphone clip and multitool. Yet to be released, the Readycase has been funded more than three times its initial goal with 15 days remaining on its Indiegogo fundraiser.

If getting to the point is your schtick, this case will stand up to anything you can throw at it. With Gorilla protective glass, gore mesh audio port covers and 9mm shockproof silicone, throw it, drop it and beat it up.

5. VAULTkase
Sure, you could hold your credit cards though they'd be useless, so why not hide away several tools that may come in handy. Not only does it include a knife, tweezers and nail file, but also a ball point pen, flat-head screwdriver and several other tools.

It's the Swiss Army knife of iPhone cases, and you don't have to wait till the apocalypse to order one.
$69.99 for the iPhone 5