Monthly Archives: July 2013

New digitally-signed malware hijacks Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts via Chrome and Firefox plugins

A new piece of malware taking the form of fake extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that hijack Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts has been discovered. Users of these browsers and social networks are lured into installing what they think is a video player update and to make matters worse, the threat is digitally-signed.

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Google launches Cloud Printer driver and service for Windows, lets you print documents outside of Chrome

Google today announced it is bringing its Cloud Print project to Windows. The company has launched both a driver and a service, both of which are available for download now from Google Tools. For those who don’t know, Google Cloud Print connects Cloud Print-aware applications (across the Web, desktop, and mobile) to any printer. It

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Compulsive doodlers like me miss the good old days of paper, pens and white space for random scratches. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have almost done away with the need for handwritten notes — at least in meetings — and have likely decreased the amount of global doodling by half (totally my guess). Platforms such as

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A Windows 8.1 survivor’s guide: Hardware

Making Windows more relevant in a mobile world is a work in progress. PC makers are in a battle for survival. Here are some handy survivor tips for the Windows hardware camp as the traditional PC continues to decline. With Microsoft’s upcoming release of Windows 8.1, devices will need to be cooler, lighter, and…Well, let’s

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The ‘Blue’ upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2!!

The ‘Blue’ upgrade to Windows Server 2012, R2, looks much like its predecessor, but there are plenty of changes when you look at the fine detail. Follow the screenshots below: 1- Changes under the surface Windows Server 2012 R2 looks very like its predecessor. It’s only when you start to delve into the details that

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The war against #Instagram continues: #Vine for #iOS received its biggest update.

Twitter announced what it says is the biggest update to Vine for iOS yet, adding a slew of new features and fixing multiple issues. You can download the new app now directly from Apple’s App Store. First and foremost, the new app now has channels where you can submit posts or browse from the Explore

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